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The number one place people come to see your church is first your website, then your social media. Most churches can’t afford a whole team to make this happen. 

Church Hub Media was created to solve this problem. We are here to help you complete your mission without breaking the bank. 

The Hub 

No app, no download, one small monthly price. 

The Hub is a new way to share your connect your church. No longer are you asking your members to find your app on the app store, you simply tell them, “check out ‘The Hub.'” It is a central location for your events, media, next steps, sign-ups, you name it. Keep your main site for visitors and utilize it for evangelism. The purpose of The Hub is to do everything else.  

We Make it Easy to Connect with your members.

The Hub is a new way to connect 24/7. No more downloading an app or teaching your members how to use their phones. It’s all on the internet ready to be used at any time.

Excellence. It’s what we do.

Everything we do we do with excellence. When doing work for God, we believe you must do to the best and provide the highest quality for all things digital media. If your church believes in excellence, then we want to work with you.

Unlimited Graphics

Unlimited graphics for your sermons, events, and ministries.


Stop the scroll and have attention-grabbing graphics on your social media accounts and website. Unlimited graphics give a professional look to your ministries.
What do you get?
Unlimited title graphics for your events, messages, & ministries
Every graphic is made just for you
Tell us how you will use it, and we will make it work for you
Delivered within 2-3 business days

Sermon Bumpers

Enhance your sermon series with a custom video trailer.


Sermon Bumpers are a perfect way to promote your next series and get your members excited for worship. The best part? It is made just for you and your worship experience.
What do you get?
New sermon bumper every month
Every sermon bumper package includes a 30-60 second sermon bumper and cover graphic
Engaging soundtracks to draw you in
Delivered within 7-14 business days

Video Announcements

Your church announcements, done in video.


Video Announcements give you a clean and clear way to share the important details happening at your church.
What do you get?
+ New video announcements 4 times a month as needed
+ Submit up to 7 announcements each week
+ New backgrounds being added to choose from regularly
+ Soundtracks unique to your church
+ Comes with custom motion graphics
+ Get assistance with your announcements scripts

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