The Hub

A Central Location to Engage Your Church

One central location… for Everything.

The Church Hub offers an easy location for your church to engage in your ministries. Websites can quickly become overloaded with events and links meant to help your members, but your visitors quickly get lost.

Other services cost hundreds of dollars a month. The Church Hub offers the best for less.

Everything You Need.

Automatic Updates

The Hub is hosted and updated regularly by us so you don’t have to worry. Your site is always up and running and ready to work for you.

Simple Media Management

Connect your audio, video, or live stream. Becuase it’s built on WordPress, you can customize everything.

Built With Expansion In Mind

Ready for 50 or 5,000 The Hub grows as your ministry grows. No need to recreate yourself as your church grows and no extra costs for more users.

Templates for Every Need

Build from scratch or load an entire Hub ready to go for your church.

Take Sermon Notes

NEW FEATURE: Your members and guests can now take sermon notes and send them directly to their email. See it in actions here!

Connect Every System

Since it is not an app but a website, connecting to any other system is as simple as adding a link.

Simple Pricing.

Start Building Your Hub Today